When you are keeping books and, in particular, doing payroll, you often need quick access to government web-sites, guides, and forms. Below we have provided several links we hope you will find useful.


Government Web Sites

Canada Revenue Agency - CRA's Main Web-Site

Canada Revenue Agency - Payroll Information Page

Ontario Ministry of Labour

Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

Ontario Ministry of Finance - HST Information


Payroll Information

T4001 Employers' Guide - Payroll Deductions and Remittances

Instructions and rules regarding federal payroll deductions.

T4130 Employer's Guide - Taxable Benefits

All about taxable benefits and how they affect payroll deductions, T4s, etc.

T4032 Payroll Deductions Tables

Provincial and territorial Income tax deductions tables

All Federal Publications by publication number

Includes a "search" function.

Ontario - Minimum Wage Information


Ontario - Termination of Employment & Severance Pay


Ontario - Hours of Work & Overtime


Ontario - Vacations & Vacation Pay


TD1 Forms

TD1 - Federal

TD1 - Northwest Territories

TD1 - Alberta

TD1 - Nunavut

TD1 - British Columbia

TD1 - Ontario

TD1 - Manitoba

TD1 - Prince Edward Island

TD1 - New Brunswick

TD1 - Saskatchewan

TD1 - Newfoundland & Labrador

TD1 - Yukon

TD1 - Nova Scotia


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